Stop Reading Startup Advice

Deena Varshavskaya (CEO of there comes a time to stop reading startup advice and to seize control of your destiny.

I’m guilty of this. I read obsessively about startups and entreprenuership. Reading that volume of content can be valuable, but it can also be a hinderance on progressing on your goals.

She theorizes that these blogs were created from experiences (from mishaps) rather than reading blog posts.

Deena then outlines 3 negative impacts:

  • Reading/research clutters up your digital workspace
  • You’ll put yourself into the box of doing things the “right” way
  • The time spent reading or researching is the time spent not doing

Okay.. so now stop reading and start creating. :)

You might be surprised about how much you can achieve today without distractions.

Posted on 20 Mar 2012.
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